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WJCP is proud to be a small, family-owned business dedicated to serving and promoting all things Jennings County. Via the airwaves, cable TV, internet streaming and our website, our goal is to be the primary source of information about Jennings County.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in promoting your business, your organization or your event. Let’s get together for a cup of coffee and share some ideas about how we can best work together.

Opportunities we offer

Dedicated Time: Dedicated Time is where you purchase a set amount of time each week to broadcast your show or your segment. An example of this would be the broadcast of church services, but could also include a variety of other shows. A show would normally be a half-hour or an hour in length, while a segment could be limited to several minutes and played within one of our other shows.

Show Sponsorship/Naming: Show sponsorship or naming offers the opportunity for you to be a prime sponsor of one of our shows and to have it named after your business. An example would be “The Acme Afternoon Drive-Time Hour” or ” The Morning Show brought to you by Acme Appliances.”

Sports Packages: The station is a strong supporter of Jennings County High School athletics programs and broadcasts many games. We also broadcast some professional sports, as well as events like the Indy 500. Several different levels of sponsorship are available, from standard commercials, to sponsoring a special recognition such as “Player of the Game.”

Special Packages: During the calendar year the station is proud to offer special packages, usually related to a holiday or an event. An example of this would be our holiday greetings and holiday music packages.

Commercials: The backbone of our advertising would be our standard commercial packages. These are available in 30-second or one-minute lengths. We are happy to broadcast your prepared commercial or help draft a commercial for your consideration. Also, we can voice the commercial for you or you are welcome to come to the station and be the personal voice of your own business.

Auction: The radio auction is the second Saturday of each month. Anyone who has listened knows the calls come non-stop. Normally with the auction you provide us with items or vouchers. You are provided paid commercial time based on the face value of what you provide. We sell the items to the public at discount. Particularly popular on the auction would be items like discount vouchers to be used at restaurants. To use the vouchers the buyers must visit your store, guaranteeing you new customers.

Website: We offer banner space on our website, along with a business directory. These can be linked to your own website, helping to drive business your way.

Remote Appearance: Perhaps you are having a special event at your business. Talk with us about doing a live broadcast from your site. This works particularly well with customer appreciation days or special sales promotions.

Trade Ads: Trade ads are similar to barter. Perhaps you offer a service or product which we need at the station. We are always happy to talk about a trade in return for advertising time.

Non-Profit Sponsorships: Providing support for non-profit organizations and events is part of the mission of WJCP. We welcome the opportunity to talk about providing free promotional commercials in exchange for the station being formally recognized as an event sponsor.

Tom’s Show: The Tom Taylor show airs Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. Tom normally focuses on a single topic for the hour. His topics include local history, local events and other topics of general interest. If you have an upcoming community event or a topic which you feel would be of interest to the community, give the station a call. He is also open to featuring new businesses. There is no charge.

Joe’s Show: Joe Ammerman has the morning show and also welcomes guests similar to those who would be on Tom’s show, except his guests normally appear for about 5-7 minutes. Please call the station for booking. There is no charge.

Public Service Announcements: The station is happy to provide free time, as available, for public service announcements. Typical announcements would be community events and they should be non-profit. It is best to submit information to the station in writing no later than two weeks before the event. Information should include sponsor, purpose, date, time, place, and contact information. There is no charge for these announcements and they are made at various times as time allows.

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